Hi Friends! It’s Been A While…

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…a year and change?! Yikes. I’m better than that. Or am I? I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs where the excuse for things – posts, projects, workouts, vacations, get-togethers – all get put on the back-burner and the excuse is “well, life…” Well, life, what?

“Well, life…got crazy.”

“Well, life…was ultra busy.”

“Well, life…moved too quickly.”

“Well, life…ran away from me.”

“Well, life…got flip, turned, upside-down.”

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I will drone on with the excuses (HA! keep reading), but the reality is deficiency. I wasn’t trying to make excuses, I was experiencing a deficit… of creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, zest.

My life really did take a complete 180 in the past year. My husband & I moved (twice!), I started a new job, and I’ve been “adjusting” to life in a new town & trying to navigate my new comfort zone.

My new job requires 110% of my creativity and energy. As a Physical Education teacher by trade, my new school offers electives for the students to fulfill their state-mandated PE requirement, so, super fortunately, I am now the DANCE TEACHER at a public elementary school! What does that mean, you ask? It means I basically run a dance studio within a school. Students elect to take dance throughout the year and for the culminating marking period, my dancers perform in a recital.

This school year was incredible. A whirlwind, but incredible. It physically, creatively, emotionally challenged me in ways I haven’t been stretched in years in my profession. It allowed me to still teach topics of health! Topics for lifelong wellness and totally geek out about anatomy & physiology!

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Overall, it was an awesome 8th year of teaching! The pivot was a rejuvenation that I was craving. Choreographing, teaching, organizing, prepping, navigating a new school/district/community, giving all of me to my 130 dancers. These factors gave me such a sense of accomplishment throughout each day, yet brought me home at the end of the school day on E.

Speaking of home…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We’re in the ‘burbs! And all the joys of owning a home that come with it! Every free moment has been spent planning our next DIY project or getting quotes for the big ones (talking to you, exterior painters, working as I type!) We’ve been in our house for about 7 months now. We unpacked in rapid speed in preparation for….elf gif.gif and have been veryyyyyyyyy slowlyyyyyyyy making our house polished.

So when the moments for calm and quiet presented themselves to me this year, I relished in them! Binge-watching too much television for my own good. Engaged in the most mindless Instagram scrolling. Snacking. Oh, the snacking. My zest for focusing on my personal fitness was non-existent. My body was tired from moving at work all day. My brain was tired from teaching/planning/prepping/thinking. I became an automaton of laundry, cleaning, dinner (does take-out count?), and couch.

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BUT! The time’s they are a-changing! The real reason, why we’re here! Inspiration Strikes!

  • Allow yourself to take a break.
    • Recognize when you’re feeling pushed to a place that you don’t like. Where you may not recognize yourself.
    • When that happens, STOP. Practice self-care, positive talk, prayer. Be kind to yourself.
    • Your journey is always ebbing & flowing. Always changing.
    • Allow yourself time to hit pause, reflect, and reset. Reach out to family, friends, coaches who can listen to you while you redirect your path.
    • When YOU are ready…jump back in. And guess what. Some way, some how, no matter how long, YOU WILL BE READY AGAIN.
  • Stop making excuses.
  • “Slow but steady wins the race” -Aesop
    • Small goals. Baby steps. One foot in front of the other.
      • Maybe it’s to drink more water.
      • Maybe it’s to visit that friend.
      • Maybe it’s to eliminate processed foods from your pantry.
      • Maybe it’s to allow yourself 5 minutes of prayer or meditation in the day.
      • Maybe it’s to exercise 3, 4, 5 days of this week.
      • Maybe it’s to ask for those days off and take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.
    • Whatever “it” is: set your goal, state your intention, and go get it!

My first post back in over a year. My thoughts are everywhere, yet centered. Life CAN get hectic, but making time for who and what are important to you should rarely (if ever) fall to the back-burner.

Reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly. Focus your energy on the blessed and the beautiful. Do each thing with great emphasis. Live your life fully, wonderfully, whole-heartedly. With passion, compassion, zest.

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Go. Do. LIVE!



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