Wedding Season

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ladies. It’s officially Spring, which means the start of WEDDING SEASON!!! A season that motivates you to look and feel your best as a bride, bridesmaid, or guest. Why? Because Wedding Season includes LOTS of pictures where you are immortalized on camera for years to come.

Perhaps your bridal gown is strapless. Maybe your bridesmaid dress is sleeveless. Or it could be that all of the wedding guest dresses in your closet are form-fitting and you want to tighten and tone. Regardless of your motivation during Wedding Season, I have some must-do moves for you!

mom arms

My background as a dancer, track jumper and runner, and fitness coach taught me that the biggest results come full-body exercises. When you engage your core (pull your belly-button into spine!) and focus on your posture, you activate so much more than just the working muscles.

These must-do-moves target multiple muscle groups with each exercise – so not only will your arms feel tight, toned, and sleek, but your core, legs, and booty will thank you too!

We Can Work It Out

Complete each exercise 10 times, rest, repeat for 3 sets.

  • Dumbbell Squat into Bicep Curl with Overhead Press


  • Dumbbell Stick Breakers


  • Dumbbell Bent-Over Tricep Kick-Backs


  • Dip Push-Ups


  • Bird-Dog Planks (10 total, 5 each side)


  • Up-Downs (10 total, 5 each side)


  • Side Plank with Hip-Dip (10 each side)
    • Progressions Included in Video


  • Bridge Hold with Dumbbell Reverse Fly


  • Weighted Sit-Ups


  • Burpees
    • We love to hate them, but they are SO good – start out slow, focus on your form


Practice this circuit once or twice a week and you will be raising those arms with such confidence!

trolley arms

Cheers to you as you celebrate lots of love throughout this wonderful season!!!



*All wedding photographs by the wonderful POPography!

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