“Where words fail, music speaks” -Hans Christian Andersen

The mind is powerful. It’s incredible how strong a movement, a scent, a look, a sunset, a photo, a movie, a dream, or a song can elicit memories from your past, contemplations of your present, and worries or excitements towards your future.

Music – like Luke and The Force – is strong with this one. I feel closest to Divine messages and my angels when I hear music and, at times, I SWEAR He is speaking to me! Like the day I was officially moving out of my parents house – I was afraid and sad and anxious – but right at my exit to my new home, my wedding song comes on the radio…HOW IS THAT NOT A SIGN?!

Music is such a gift to each of us if we allow it to be. It has the power to transform us physically, emotionally, and socially.

music quote

Music can charge that extra drive during a workout, powering us even further when we thought we had hit the wall. One more set? Okay!

Music can transport us back to our childhoods and reminisce over our simpler times. For obvious reasons 🙂

Music can reignite that fire and remind us why we fell in love with our partners. SWOON.

Music can bring loved ones that we lost back to life for those brief minutes. BRB – sobbing.

Music can relax us. ::zen-mode::

Music can help us cry ugly, happy tears at every wedding. Cue the Flower Girl!

Music can attract new friends and forge unbreakable bonds. “T-10!”

Music can take you away to exotic places, wondrous vacations, happy memories, and excitable future getaways.

In a second, music can change our entire day from melancholy to appreciative to focused to sassy to totally blissed out.

All you have to do is…







Comment below and share your favorite pieces of music for all occasions!!

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