Hi readers! I am back! You don’t need to hear my excuses (“life got so busy”, lack of time, inspiration, yada, yada) but my life has been blessed, my days have been happily occupied, and my heart has been full.

I am swelling with pride over the accomplishments of my family and friends recently. I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!

What have my family and friends done lately???

WORKED HARD. They set a schedule and timeline to see their goals and crushed them.

HAD PATIENCE. Their results did not happen overnight; they had to (and you will have to) persevere to work for what you want.

HAD FAITH. Peter Pan said it best:”All it takes is Faith and Trust…and a little bit of pixie dust” and you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

WERE DEDICATED. Some days it hurts. Some days your muscles ache. Some days life happens and you truly don’t have the chance to lace up your shoes. Stay focused, stay dedicated; the end result is so, so sweet.

FORGAVE. They forgave themselves when training did not go as planned. They stayed positive when the job didn’t pan out. They forgave mistakes and remained hopeful and hungry for success, for happiness.

HAD PRIDE. They were humble; they did not boast. Yet when the moment showed itself, my family and friends demonstrated blissful pride in themselves for what they worked towards and accomplished.

My family and friends’ accomplishments have been INSPIRING. Their happiness and pride is CONTAGIOUS.

I hope through this quick read that you will feel my pride for them, my goosebumps when I hear and see their accomplishments, my tears of joy over their success. My family and friends have been kicking a$$ and I could not be more inspired and PROUD.

Cheers to you! xoxoxo

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