Being Consistent

Think about this: How do you stay focused, committed, and consistent with the aspects of your life that are important to you? 


Now, think about this: How can we make our goals, dreams, and aspirations a TOP priority?

I have been feeling inconsistent lately. Especially in these times of inconsistent weather and fluctuating schedules; I have been making excuses and allowing my goals, dreams, and aspirations fall away from being my top priority.

For example, my original goal of blogging ever other day became posting once a week, then once every two weeks, now if I’m lucky, once a month! What happened to my consistency? My commitment to my writing, my thoughts, my self?

The age-old excuse “Life Happened” is my only explanation. On the daily list of priorities, posting to Live Laugh Lunge moved from the number one seed to second behind grocery shopping; then it fell to third behind cooking dinner; next thing I know my blog post is in dead last behind commuting, teaching, doing laundry, planning (lessons, classes, choreography, calendar), studying, washing dishes (and the WORST – putting them away), cleaning, eating, exercising, spending quality time loved ones, sleeping, traveling…you see the problem?!

As humans, it is okay for life to happen. It is normal for us to fall of the wagon. It is important for us to be spontaneous. But the key, to a sound mind and healthy body is for this inconsistency to happen OCCASIONALLY.

How can we reprioritize our daily schedules? How can we manage our precious time more efficiently? How can we keep our goals, dreams, aspirations through our passions and hobbies consistent in the midst of busy schedules and dirty pots and pans?

As the tortoise preaches: “Slow and steady win the race.”

I implore you to make one of your goals a daily occurrence:

  • Eat at least 1 fresh fruit a day
  • Drink 1 gallon of water a day
  • Break a sweat through physical activity each day

Then, I encourage you to make a second goal a weekly occurrence:

  • Try a new vegetable each week
  • Study a minimum of one chapter per week
  • Make it to your favorite class/or explore a new fitness studio each week

Finally, spice up your routine with a monthly goal/dream/aspiration:

  • Call or connect with someone that you have fallen out of touch with
  • Take an unexpected trip – to visit family and friends or to make another check off your travel bucket list
  • Join a book club or read and finish one book each month

Variety is the spice to a rich and fulfilling life! However, there is something to be said for creating and maintaining a constant routine. There is enrichment in setting goals and making daily, weekly, and monthly strides to achieve those goals! There is fulfillment in having dreams and aspirations and taking the slow and steady approach to reaching those dreams! You will create balance, boost confidence, and lead a happier and healthier life.


Image by Justin Matthew


Yours in consistency and aspiration-grabbing,

Ariana xx

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