Have you ever had one of those weekends (weeks? months?) when your healthy lifestyle has gone out the window? You feel bloated. Your clothes don’t fit. Your energy is caput. And you are CRANKY.

How can you shake yourself out of the bad habits and back into healthy living?

Set those SMART Goals:

Weight goal – 5 pounds in 30 days? Doable.

Healthy eating goal – no cheese for 1 week? Doable.

Exercise days in a row goal – 30 minutes every other day? Doable. 30 minutes every day? Doable!

Reach your goal? Set new ones. Doable!

Grab a Partner in Health:

Having a friend or loved one working on their similar health goals as you will make it WAY EASIER to reach for the veggies, put on your sneakers, and join you at the gym. Hold each other accountable and reach those goals faster, stronger, and together.

Try something new:

Changing up your routine will make eating and exercising fun! Avoid exercise plateau by keeping your body guessing. *I highly recommend trying new exercises at studios or gyms where trained professionals can guide you safely.

Want to try being a pescatarian? Try it out! Want to see if those articles on dairy intolerance affect you? Try it out! Feeling sluggish and checking to see if gluten isn’t for you? Try it out!

Say Cheese:

Document your journey. In your favorite outfit, workout gear, bathing suit, take before pictures and weekly photos to SEE your commitment to yourself paying off. Now, I’m not saying you have to post your pictures for the social media world to see – if that’s your prerogative, go for it – but when you can literally see your transformation (brightening of your skin!) it can give you the motivation you need the get that workout in, maintain your healthy diet, and keep focused on your journey back to your optimal health.


Good luck getting back on track!

x, Ariana



You say you wanna ‘resolution’

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2016! Time for change, time to start anew, time to set goals…and achieve them!

You don’t want to be the person that a) doesn’t set a resolution or goal for yourself or b) set a super tough resolution that you end up breaking 4 days into the new year [hence the reason I’m writing this post on January 4th]

What I learned growing up, in school, in athletics, in sport psychology, in teaching and in coaching is to set SMART goals for yourself.

S – specific – what exactly are you trying to achieve?

A more toned physique? A fatter savings fund? A stronger relationship with loved ones? A greater spiritual connection?  A mindful, present, and positive journey? All of the above?

Set specific resolutions in the areas of your life that you want strengthened and improved.

legally approved action-plan.jpg
Image from Picserver.org

M – meaningful – why is this goal important to you?

When you attach emotion to your resolutions and goals, they become a “passionate want, thereby creating a much higher likelihood of achieving your meaningful goal” (Tabaka, 2013).

Write out your resolution or create a vision board for your goals. The more passionate you are about your goals, the more driven you will be to achieve them.

A – action oriented – what are the steps that you’re going to take to reach this goal?

Write it down! Start a gratitude journal to stay present, positive, and thankful. Keep a fitness log or calendar of your physical achievements each day and feel the pull to keep consistent with your resolution. Don’t break the chain!

Pack a fitness bag to bring to work. Meal prep. Set alarms on your phone to get you off the couch and into class, mass, off your HEY NOW.

R – realistic – how do you know that you can achieve this goal?

Is your resolution a reasonable one? If your resolution is a specific number in weight loss, is it an unhealthy amount of weight to try and lose in 1 year? Have you consulted your doctor about this goal?

Did you set a goal to to travel more, but your finances or vacation days are limited?

Is your goal to organize your life, but you live in a large home with years of saved memories and paraphernalia?

Set smaller goals that work up to your ultimate resolution and you will be successful!

Image from pixabay.com

T – timely – when do you want to achieve this goal?

Are your resolutions meant to be completed daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Calendars, logs, and journals can help keep you on track to reach your goals.

Some ideas for fun, attainable, heart-warming resolutions:

Buzzfeed’s Achievable Resolutions in 2016

Good luck, be SMART, and enjoy every moment of 2016!

Wishing you much success,

Ariana xo