“Waaaaaater’s GREAT! It’s really, really great!” -The Waterboy

There is not much better than a HUGE glass of water after an intense workout. Actually, I love water anytime. I feel like I am in the minority of water-drinkers though! I want to help you change your mentality to an openness for loving water…

I have read many articles on the incredible health benefits of drinking 1 gallon of water each day. Recently, I completed a monthlong “reset” cleanse and each day of the cleanse I had to consciously drink 1 gallon of water. Since my daily practices crept back to my normal, I see and FEEL different when I don’t drink at least a gallon of water.

  • My skin: when I drink enough water throughout the day, my skin is tighter, those lovely dark circles under my eyes disappear, overall it’s less dry, I break out less!
  • Eating habits: when I consciously drink enough water, I don’t indulge in mindless snacking! Our hypothalamus signals our body when we are thirsty and hungry. Oftentimes, we confuse the two signs, we eat or overeat, and could end up dehydrating ourselves. This is a great article on identifying when to drink water: Thirsty or Hungry?
  • Energy: when I have enough water, I have more energy! I admit I am a coffee, tea, and wine drinker, all of which dehydrate our bodies. I can reset and regain my natural energy when I have my beloved gallon of water throughout the day.

How can we make our water more enticing? A lot of people I consult about the importance of water say the same thing “I don’t like the taste!” Well, as the woman who basically has a salad in her water on a daily basis, here are my go-tos for fancy, colorful, delicious water. *Note: I infuse my water in BPA-free plastic bottles, glass bottles, and ceramic pitchers. Avoid stainless steel for infused water.

  • Lemon water: a classic combination that boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation by removing uric acid in the joints, aids digestion, and freshens breath!
  • Cucumber water: a refreshing combo with many health benefits! Cucumbers are a hydrating food with antioxidant properties, adds natural vitamins and minerals to your diet, lowers blood pressure, and curbs your appetite.
  • Mint water: a fresh combination that has physical and mental calming properties.
  • Combination of the three aforementioned is my favorite!

You will gain all of the health benefits of infused water when you use whole, fresh, natural fruits and herbs. Find your favorite combination of infused water and you will easily reach your new goal of 1 gallon of water a day!

Image by GlassDharma

Challenge yourselves:

Keep a journal on your 1 gallon or water journey! Note how you look and feel before you begin your challenge. Take pictures to really SEE the difference.

Drink 1 gallon of water each day for at least 7 days and watch your face and body transform.

Wishing you well!

xo, Ariana

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